Technical Assistance for Landowners (western Washington)

Our technical assistance program--created in 2016--is designed to provide professional onsite technical consultative services to small forest landowners throughout western Washington. These services are designed to educate and advise small forest owners about:
  • State forest practices rules
  • Timber harvest systems
  • Alternate plans
  • Twenty-acre exempt harvest activities
  • Long-term Forest Practices Applications
  • Low-impact harvest activities
  • Road construction techniques
  • and more.
If you would like assistance with your forest practices activities, contact Josh Meek at (360) 902-1849 or

Who is eligible

Our free technical assistance services are intended primarily for small forest landowners who need help with specific aspects of their Forest Practices Application, or help understanding forest practices rules and how those rules apply to their property. These services can be provided both remotely via telephone or email, or via a field visit to your property. Any landowner that harvests fewer than two million board feet of timber per year on average is eligible to receive technical assistance services from the Small Forest Landowner Office at no charge.